Surprise Release! Two Short Stories!

Good morning readers, today I just released two short stories that function as prequels to the Thaddeus Marcell Chronicles. Early last week, Amazon emailed me about the Pen To Publish 2019 contest for short stories. I’ve always had some ideas on how to go back before Rescue at Waverly, but there’s just not enough there to fill out an entire novel. But short stories less than 10,000 words? That’s the perfect opportunity to examine some of the backstory of my two main characters!

So here they are, available on Amazon in ebook form for $0.99 each. If you ever wanted to see a young, naïve Thaddeus Marcell, or wondered how Amanda Poulsen became so angry and toughened, here you go.

Thaddeus Marcell: The Terran Engineer

Amanda Poulsen: The Hyberian Raider

I don’t plan to publish these as standalone paperbacks because they’re way too short for that. But I will add “The Terran Engineer” as a bonus section to the paperback edition of “Mercenary Ascent” and “The Hyberian Raider” to “Mercenary Justice,” so if you’re a paperback-only reader, you’ll have to be patient.


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