Amanda Poulsen: The Hyberian Raider

Amanda Poulsen: The Hyberian Raider is a short story in the Thaddeus Marcell Chronicles and prequel to Rescue at Waverly.


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In this prequel to TJ Mott’s science fiction series “The Thaddeus Marcell Chronicles,” Amanda Poulsen is a tough young woman with a troubled history. Raised by a mercenary group called the Hyberian Raiders, orphaned twice by age twenty, and forced into a lifestyle of drifting and petty crime, she’s seen it all. One day, she will become a talented and respected officer in Thaddeus Marcell’s organization, but until then, she must overcome tragedy, deep heartbreak, and impossible circumstances.

Any other woman would fail. But Amanda Poulsen is a survivor, the last person in the galaxy worthy of being called a Hyberian Raider.

Amanda Poulsen: The Hyberian Raider


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Amazon Kindle ASIN: B081R4SKH
Publishing Date: November 19, 2019
Written and published by TJ Mott.