The Siren in the Void

The Siren in the Void is an upcoming standalone novel by TJ Mott, crossing military science fiction with horror.


Lieutenant Scot Galloway is a young engineer in the Terran Hegemony Star Navy with a rare, highly sought-after trait: he’s completely immune to the harmful effects of hyperspace. Because of this, he’s transferred to the cruiser TSS Stalwart, which desperately needs someone with his gift to help monitor the ship when its crew is in stasis during hyperspace travel.

Shortly after he joins, the Stalwart responds to an urgent distress call originating from beyond the Terran Hegemony’s borders, in a barren, desolate region between the Milky Way’s spiral arms. There, Scot and his crewmates stumble into an ancient, evil force, one they can’t possibly hope to understand, one that no one in the galaxy has ever encountered and lived to speak about…


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