Thaddeus Marcell: The Terran Engineer

Cover art for The Terran Engineer

In this prequel to TJ Mott’s science fiction series “The Thaddeus Marcell Chronicles,” Thaddeus Marcell is a na├»ve young man from Wyoming. Fresh out of college, he is assigned to a luxury cruise starship called the Lunar Dawn where he works as a junior engineer. But his entire life changes when he’s abducted during a trip to Mars, sold into slavery, and thrust into a huge interstellar civilization he never knew about, one that denies the very existence of his homeworld.

One day, he will be the toughened, grizzled leader of an interstellar mercenary company. But if anyone can survive the effects of slavery, extreme confusion, and self-doubt, it’s Thad, because he’s highly intelligent and extremely resourceful…

Credits and Publishing Info

Amazon Kindle ASIN: B081R9JQDC
Publishing Date: November 19, 2019
Written and published by TJ Mott.