Rescue At Waverly

Rescue at Waverly is TJ’s first published novel, released to in e-book format on January 1, 2018. It’s the first story in a planned arc of six novels, introducing you to mercenary leader Thaddeus Marcell and his Organization, their place in the galaxy, and his quest to return to Earth.


Thaddeus Marcell is an enigmatic mercenary and the leader of a secretive paramilitary fleet. His group operates in the galaxy’s Independent Regions, taking on contract work for some of the star empires, interstellar corporations, and pirate groups, fighting on their behalf whenever the pay is high enough.

But despite his reputation as a skilled and reliable–although very eccentric–fleet commander, he does his work to finance his real mission: To locate and return to his unmapped homeworld, long believed a myth by the galaxy at large. So when his intelligence network discovers a woman he knew from home, he must take one of his fleets into action and risk everything he’s ever accomplished to free her from a slave ship. Along the way, he must face a number of unpleasant truths about both the galaxy and himself…

Rescue at Waverly: Book 1 of the Thaddeus Marcell Chronicles


As his intelligence chief left the hangar, Thaddeus reactivated the computer in the table’s surface and skimmed through the reports downloaded from the transport’s computers, hoping it would be boring enough to finally help him sleep. He picked a folder at random and started scrolling through some of the travel schedules for the Waverly Depot, a space station and refueling center located just outside the Waverly system, about 350 light-years from Headquarters.

As he reviewed a few records, he found himself looking at the manifest of a starship called the Cassandra. It was a converted cruiser which spent most of its time hauling freight of questionable content. According to the manifest Cooper had acquired from Waverly Depot’s confidential files, it had quite a haul of slaves and was on its way to the Depot for a refueling stop.

As he skimmed through the manifest he remembered his own slave days, now many years in the past. At least Thad had been skilled (and lucky) enough to find his way to freedom…

He thought he saw something familiar and stopped to go back a few entries in the list. He frowned and felt his whole body tense up. His jaw dropped agape at what he saw, and he tapped the entry to bring it from the table’s surface into a larger projection above it.

A name and a face hovered above the table, seemingly staring back at him. A name and a face listed as cargo. A name and a face he recognized…from home.

His stomach knotted up, and he felt like he’d just been kicked squarely in the chest. His blood chilled, as if someone had pumped a liter of liquid helium from Cooper’s stolen ship straight into his veins…

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Credits and Publishing Info

Amazon Kindle ASIN: B078QX95NH

Paperback ISBN: 9781976861291

Written and published by TJ Mott.

Publishing Date: January 1, 2018 (ebook), May 12, 2018 (paperback)

Cover art by Howard David Johnson: