Rescue At Waverly

Cover art for Rescue at Waverly

Thaddeus Marcell is an enigmatic mercenary and the leader of a secretive paramilitary fleet. His group operates in the galaxy’s Independent Regions, taking on contract work for some of the star empires, interstellar corporations, and pirate groups, fighting on their behalf whenever the pay is high enough.

But despite his reputation as a skilled and reliable–although very eccentric–fleet commander, he does his work to finance his real mission: To locate and return to his unmapped homeworld, long believed a myth by the galaxy at large. So when his intelligence network discovers a woman he knew from home, he must take one of his fleets into action and risk everything he’s ever accomplished to free her from a slave ship. Along the way, he must face a number of unpleasant truths about both the galaxy and himself…

Credits and Publishing Info

Amazon Kindle ASIN: B078QX95NH
Audible audiobook ASIN: B0B6PZ7LN6
Paperback ISBN: 9781976861291
Publishing Date: January 1, 2018 (ebook); May 12, 2018 (paperback); July 15, 2022 (audiobook).
Written and published by TJ Mott.
Cover art by Howard David Johnson: