Rebellion at Ailon

Rebellion at Ailon is the upcoming second novel in the Thaddeus Marcell chronicles and the sequel to Rescue at Waverly. In this story, Thaddeus travels undercover to a world that is now enslaved as a result of his own actions as a pirate.


Ailon is a low-population world in the Independent Regions, not far from the Empire’s southern border. Once a former colony of the nearby Avennia system, Ailon lost its war of independence several years ago after Admiral Thaddeus Marcell pirated a convoy of badly-needed weapons and matériel that was en-route to the rebels of Ailon. Now, it’s an oppressed and enslaved world, its population forced to work under deadly conditions for their Avennian overlords.

Thaddeus, still reeling from the wounds he sustained at Cadria Minor during his disastrous mission to Waverly, travels undercover to Ailon to see the fruits of his own evils firsthand. There, he volunteers for an organization that ostensibly works to provide medical care to the enslaved population, only to discover a brand-new secret rebellion, one that’s poised to start another war to try to free their world. But this new rebellion is naive, ill-equipped, and poorly-trained, sure to lose any battle they begin. Thaddeus, struggling with his new-found sense of guilt, must face a difficult and dangerous choice: Does he get involved and try to set things right? And how can he keep his true identity a secret? Because if the new Ailon Rebels discover who he is, they just might choose to kill him…


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