Mercenary Ascent

Cover art for Mercenary Ascent

The galaxy is in turmoil. High Prince Saar’s genocidal quest to kill mercenary leader Thaddeus Marcell has left the Independent Regions in a terrible state of unease. In response, Thad has formed the Independent Coalition, a bold new economic and military pact which aims to protect the region from unhinged tyrants such as Saar. Thad, his new wife Adelia, and his top officers now find themselves in charge of an unorthodox quasi-government mainly consisting of outlaws and mercenaries.

Meanwhile, the nearby Norma Empire is crumbling. After two years of quiet chaos following the Emperor’s mysterious death, one ambitious Imperial Duke has seized the throne and declared himself Emperor. But his actions have fractured the Empire’s delicate power structure, plunging the galaxy’s largest and oldest civilization into open civil war.

With the Norma Empire burning down on one side of them and the mysterious and aloof Xionne Star Kingdom on the other, Thad’s precarious new coalition faces many struggles and challenges, while trillions of lives hang in the balance…

Credits and Publishing Info

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Written and published by TJ Mott.
Cover art by Howard David Johnson: