Here’s a list of my completed and upcoming works.

The Thaddeus Marcell Chronicles

The known galaxy is dominated by a large, ancient, decaying confederation called the Norma Empire, which encompasses hundreds of light-years in all directions from its capital system. Beyond its borders lies the galactic frontiers: a myriad of smaller empires, tiny two-or-three star system sectors, and millions of cubic light-years of empty, unpopulated space.

One such frontier region, lying beyond the borders to the galactic south of the Empire’s most highly-populated sectors, is a vast, sparsely-populated area known as the Independent Regions. A number of small civilizations and empires call this their home, yet one shadowy mercenary Organization quietly dominates the region from its secret base on a rogue, deep-space asteroid.

This Organization, full of mercenaries, pirates, and spies, belongs to one Admiral Thaddeus Marcell, a notorious recluse and former-slave-turned-mercenary who transformed the group into a major intelligence-gathering firm with some formidable fleets-for-hire under his command. But his real goal is to locate his missing homeworld, a planet he’d been abducted from many years ago before being sold into slavery. A planet that exists on none of the galactic charts, and only persists through vague rumors and legends, long believed to be nothing more than a myth.

A planet called Earth.

The Thaddeus Marcell Chronicles is a six-novel arc following Admiral Marcell and his Organization as he searches for Earth in a dangerous and dynamic galaxy.

Book 1: Rescue at Waverly

In Rescue at Waverly, Admiral Marcell and a small task force–the fastest ships in his Blue Fleet–must embark on a reckless mission to rescue someone he once knew from Earth.

Available in e-book format, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback. Click on the image for more information.

Rescue at Waverly: Book 1 of the Thaddeus Marcell Chronicles

Book 2: Rebellion at Ailon (Coming in 2019)

Book 3: The Prince’s Revenge (Publishing date TBA)

Book 4: TBA

Book 5: TBA

Book 6: TBA


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