TJ Mott’s Writer

TJ Mott’s Writer is a Windows-based open source application for writing and editing. It’s free to use, licensed under the BSD 3 Clause license, and runs on .NET 5.0.

This software is currently in beta. I am using it, but it’s likely buggy and will need updates/improvements.

GitHub project page:

Latest installer (version 0.2.2):

Microsoft .NET Download (You want the .NET 5.0 runtime):


  • Basic word processor with the capability to export to a Microsoft Word .docx file
  • Organization system to structure your work, quickly move chapters/sections around, and visualize pacing and chapter/section length
  • Plan, prioritize, and track writing and editing tasks with the integrated ticket tracker
  • Conveniently store images, documents, Word templates, or any other arbitrary files in the file repository
  • Wiki-like system to store reference material such as timelines, character biographies, brainstorming notes, and plot ideas as Markdown/HTML documents
  • Search through documents, notes, and tickets
  • All data is stored in an SQLite database file

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